Case: QuadSAT

Project Case: QuadSAT antenna calibration drone

Aerobotics is helping QuadSAT change the future of marine satellite communication​

QuadSAT Drone

QuadSAT have developed a UAV with the purpose to test and calibrate stabilized antenna systems. Drones are highly maneuverable and when it is close to the system, it is able to stress test systems at maximum capacity, preventing future failures. Drone move freely in all three axis of the antenna, which allows for worldwide simulation even when its vessel is stationary.


Responsible for drone operations

QuadSAT’s task at hand was to test signal from radio equipment on a drone platform in order to verify the concept and gather data.

Aerobotics role in the project was to provide a autonomous aerial platform that could accommodate QuadSAT’s test equipment.

Aerobotics took care of payload mounting by design and manufacture of an specially designed test equipment mount.

With the test equipment mounted Aerobotics was responsible for flight operations, planning and autonomous flight via GPS coordinates.

Stabilized platform for test equipment

To ensure that the test equipment is always pointing at the target on the ground, a specialized stabilizing platform was designed, manufactured, tested and used for test flights. This system was designed and manufactured by Aerobotics using our engineering CAD software and CNC machining of parts and structures.



Test and Calibtration

“Aerobotics have a been great partner in our development and testing. They helped us define a UAS platform, mounting of our test equipment and organizing drone operations in a way that meant that we could focus on what is important for us, our test data.”
Joakim E.